Join us for NASPL 2018 in Cleveland 

GPS for Success

Where are we going? That is the question. Where are lotteries going? Where are consumers going? Where should we be looking for future success?


The road to success is filled with twists and turns, detours and delays. NASPL and the Ohio Lottery are putting together a cutting-edge curriculum to help you navigate while implementing projects and product launches.


Industry trailblazers will share directions they followed to launch programs like Business Analytics, Cashless transactions, Retailer incentives and NASPL standards.


In short, we hope to help set your “GPS for Success.”

September 25-28, 2018

Dennis Berg

Director, Ohio Lottery Commission

NASPL 2018 is hosted by the Ohio Lottery Commission

NASPL Headquarters

7470 Auburn Rd, LL1

Concord, OH 44077


Ohio Lottery Commission
615 W. Superior Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113

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